We are proud to announce a new purchase for the STC.  This is a track dumper, similar to what the FS uses to gravel trails.  This machine can haul 3 ton of gravel into the forest at one time.  As long as it is a FS numbered designated trail, we can use this machine to fix mud holes.  
Please text Terry Wheeler at 678-925-6960 or by Messenger with places that need this type of work. He will need a GPS point to know where work is needed. This will be a first come first serve basis. He will put your info on a list and work from that.
All this work is volunteer. If you like seeing this machine working on trails, please consider helping us by either joining the STC or donating to us. This money will go towards costs of owning and operating such a machine. We will also be able to buy rock when the FS does not have the funds to provide rock.
As the machine passes over the newly dumped rock, it packs the gravel
The machine is operated only trails that have been constructed with a machine.  It is 3 ft wide and 5 ft long.  There may be some designated trails that would be too narrow or steep for the machine.

We also have purchased a mini excavator to repair trails that eroded before rock can be spread on them with the track dumper.   This machine gives us the ability to repair a trail ourselves to spread rock.  Before purchasing this, we had to wait for on the Forest Service to do repairs first, before we could spread gravel.