Kroger has a long history of bringing help and hope to the communities we serve. 

Since their earliest days, the Kroger Family of Companies has taken care of their neighbors and each other. 

As part of their commitment to the local communities where their businesses reside, Kroger has the Community Rewards Program to give monetary donations to local non-profit organizations.  Year after year, thousands of local schools, religious organizations and other nonprofit organizations receive support through Kroger Community Rewards. 

The Shawnee Trail Conservancy is one of the recipients of this reward program.  If you shop Kroger stores in the tri-state area of southern Illinois,  you can sign up for a Kroger account and add the Shawnee Trail Conservancy to your account.  Kroger will credit according to your purchases using the Kroger Plus Card.

Here is a link for a Kroger Account:

Once you have a Kroger account, sign in to access the My Account page,. Click on Community Rewards on the left side.  Once on this page, just type in the name Shawnee Trail Conservancy and hit save.

Kroger sends the Shawnee Trail Conservancy a check once our reward reaches a certain number.  it is a great way to support our organization. We are on all volunteer organization, so any monetary donation helps us keep the trails open.

We thank you for taking time to attach us to your Kroger account.