A very small group of people are proposing to change the Shawnee National Forest.  These same people have for more than 25 years been trying to control the management of the forest.  Their main goal has been to stop active management especially logging and controlled burns.  They have taken the Forest Service to court numerous times always with the goal to stop the active management of the forest.  With selective logging and controlled burns now taking place, these people are trying another route.  The injunction that had stopped logging since 1996 was lifted in 2012.

The new push is to change control of the management by putting the Shawnee under the Dept of Interior/ Park Service specifically. Essentially changing from active management (no matter how poorly it has been done in the past) to the goal of preservation (no active management to improve forest health).  

Part of the new designation would be CLIMATE PRESERVE.  This is completely new type of designation, and it plays into the hands of the general public as a "good way" to help the Global Warming agenda.  And the objective for this designation is the same as a National Park, limited active management.  The main problem with this is our ecological area, one of the most diverse areas in the nation.  Everything seems to thrive here, especially invasive species.  Even the Sierra Club has finally endorsed use of chemicals for control of the invasive species, after years of denying the need.

The photos they post misrepresent that the Forest Service is using clear-cut logging, but in fact is the "staging areas" where logs are loaded onto trucks for transport out of the forest.  It has to be an "open" area for semi's and logging equipment to navigate the loading.  

Have continued to research and learn more about parks - there are several "designations" within- some allowing hunting and other recreation types.  

Please click on the links for articles with information and make your own decisions. And better yet, do your own research and make an informed decision.  Make no mistake - this push should not be ignored.  The Wilderness areas in the Shawnee were created by the average public not paying attention and voicing their concerns.  Then contact your legislators and national organizations voicing your support either for or against.