2021 The gravel dumper machine is our latest purchase.  Extensive gravel hauling and spreading can be done on trails with minimal manpower.  

March 2019 photos: Trail 457 between Secret Canyon and Blanchard Church crossing

pulling fabric in the mud

Pinning the logs in place

Turnpike ready for rock

Packing Day photos

Having done some many pack days, an assembly line of buckets is ready for horses.

Dumping filled buckets into pack bags

Packing in rock to the first turnpike

Holding horse before dumping

Hitching a ride back to get more rock

No one needs to tell this mule how to do his job, he's headed back for more gravel

Volunteer having fun working and hitching ride back to the buckets

Job well done

On March 26th 

A core group from the STC worked on  this latest project but there has been several volunteers join. Thanks so much for help from FS Kelly and STC's Angie, Belinda, Rick and Cricket for completing the turnpike.  To packing day workers a big thanks to FS Kelly, Meagan and Alicia.  And to volunteers  Misty, Delaney, Belinda, Sandy, Sue, Dwight, Evan, Mojac and his brother in law, Angie, Rick, Cricket and Vicki and to Lucy for making the brownies!

We had 9 pack animals and we filled the first turnpike with rock.  We had alot of hard working ground crew volunteers who kept the buckets filled with rock and set them up and formed a lane for the pack animals to be led up in.  the buckets are lifted on each side and when both sides are ready the buckets are dumped in at the same time.  2 buckets on each side.  they must be dumped simultaneously so the bags don't slip to one side.  then they are led down the trail to the turnpikes we built in the wilderness.  the animals are led up into the turnpike and stopped.  2 workers, one on each side, get the bags ready to dump and they must be dumped simultaneously again.  then they are led back to the rock pile and it all starts again.  We are all happy to be working on our trails and really do have a good time!

Preparing for next turnpike by hauling in logs

Sure easier than carrying in logs with human power

Log splitting for turnpikes

Cedars split ready to use