The STC has a long history of advocacy keeping access to the Shawnee National Forest. The past six years have been very productive at keeping that access. The Trail Designation Project has or will relocate over 100 miles of hiker/equestrian trails. Signage has improved and mapping now exists. This project was in part accomplished through court interaction resulting from our involvement in the legal proceedings.

New cooperation has been fostered with the Forest Service by providing grant money to help accomplish this project. We have learned all about the Forest Service parameters. Education of the land managers and other users regarding needs and desires of our members is part of our purpose.

The local mountain bike association has approached the Forest Service asking for hiker/equestrian trails to be classified as multi-use allowing them to become designated users of these trails.

Our Articles of Incorporation states:

The purpose for which this Corporation is formed is to maintain and carry on an organization that will: act as an advocacy for multi-use trail development....... We would work with land management agencies to encourage multi-use recreational trail planning to provide better and safer trails.....”

The core belief of the STC is that no one user group has more right to recreate in the Shawnee than another, unless the safety of another user group is compromised to the point of being potentially dangerous.

The STC has compiled a survey for hiker/equestrian users to provide information to the Forest Service for their planning regarding changing some trails from hiker/equestrian to multi-use. This change would allow mountain bikes (NOT MOTORIZED BIKES - PEDDLE BIKES) to become designated users.
Please take time to complete the survey so we can better represent you.
Mountain Bike Survey


Join the STC before April to be eligible for three nights of free camping in the Shawnee.
There will be three separate camping packages, drawings in April, May and June but you must have the current years membership paid.

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We are happy to announce that you can now pay your dues and donate to the Shawnee Trail Conservancy electronically.
Having your own Pay Pal account is not required. They accept all major credit cards.

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We are dedicated to preserving and protecting Shawnee National Forest's natural resources through proper trail maintenance, good trail signing, education for trail, camping and hunting users to achieve a low environmental impact and wise use management practices.

We represent equestrian, hunters, ATV riders, bikers, hikers, campers, rock climbers, business people, professionals, retirees and others who desire to recreate, hunt and enjoy the beauty of the Shawnee.

Our mission is to keep the Shawnee open to the public for it's use and enjoyment.

Shawnee Trail Conservancy
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