Trail Crews Work Hard

JD Timms with his team
JD Timms with his team
Hoosier Service teaching about packing
Hoosier teaching about packing
Dwight teaching about packing
Dwight teaching about packing
Clarence and his Team
clarence and his team of horses
Crew filling buckets
filling buckets
Mules hauling buckets
Hauling buckets
Hoosier pack Mule
Hoosier pack mules
Packing down trail
Packing down trail
Most of our monies are spent on the private property trails to adjoin the campgrounds and the forest.

Moving trail from low muddy area to raised gravel on Ovid Barnes Trail

Trail Crew that picked up trash on Herod area trails.

Herod Trail Head Crew before putting in Hitching Rails

Yo Sam Trail after grading

Trail before work

Trail after culvert and rock added

Work on private property near Double Branch Hole. Shawnee Trail Conservancy dump wagon and volunteer tractor spreading red gravel on newly worked trail. This trail was always very muddy and will have a good rock base for a hardened trail.

The work done here by hand is by volunteers on National Trail Day. This trail was also a very muddy trail that will have a good gravel base with the end result a dry all weather trail.

A new hitching rail was added fall of 07 for the Herod Trailhead located just North of Herod and West of the Garden of Gods area.

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