Principles of Leave No Trace

  • Plan Ahead and Prepare
  • Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces
  • Dispose of Waste Properly
  • Leave What You Find
  • Minimize Campfire Impacts
  • Respect Wildlife
  • Be Considerate of Other Visitors

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Why not litter?.....because litter LASTS!
Cigarette Butts 1-5 years
Orange & Banana Peels up to 2 years
Plastic Bags 10-20 years
Aluminum Cans & Tabs 80-100 years
Plastic Six-Pack Holders 100 years
Glass Bottles 1,000,000 years
Plastic Bottle Indefinitely!

  • Stay on existing trails, do not make new trails or take shortcuts.

  • Do not go around water bars which have been constructed to divert water off the trail to prevent erosion.

  • Do not cause trail braiding by going around logs, mud puddles, or small rocks.

  • Some trails have been brushed in and closed to prevent resource damage, erosion, or because they are too close to another trail, please leave this brush in place and do not use these trails.

  • Leave all gates as you find them; respect private property and stay out of areas posted "NO TRESPASSING".

  • Avoid muddy trails;  save them for another day when conditions are drier.

  • During breaks, please tie horses to the picket/highlines where available, or cross tie your horse between trees so to prevent tree damage from chewing or compacting of roots.

  • Do not litter;  Pack it In - Pack it Out!  Pick up after other careless users.

  • Extinguish all cigarettes and camp fires properly.

  • Do not deface trees, rocks, or signs;  Do not remove or disturb plants or animals.

  • Please carry a hand saw so as to remove branches or trees which may have fallen on the trail.  All users must do their part toward maintaining trails.  Please participate in trail maintenance projects for the benefit of all users and to better protect our natural resources, prevent erosion, and provide a quality experience.
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