IL Equine Industry Research and Promotion Board Grant Awarded

We are thrilled to announce an award of $12,500.00 from the Illinois Equine Board in March 2013.

The money will be used by the Forest Service to build a new trailhead between the Garden of Gods area and the High Knob area. For those that have heard of the Knights of the Golden Circle, the trailhead will be located close to this rock formation.

It is located near to the River to River trail that crosses the State Of Illinois and is part of the American Discovery Trail that crosses the United State.

When finished the trailhead will have room for 4-5 rigs. Trees and shrubs will be removed and then the area will be graveled. There will be a connector trail added between the trailhead and the River to River trail also.

The Illinois Equine Industry Research and Promotion Board is an Illinois not-for-profit entity, organized to provide research, promotion and education for the equine industry in Illinois. Authorized by the enabling legislation, the Equine Promotion Board collects a voluntary assessment on equine feed purchased in Illinois. Run by a 12-member board of directors, the Equine Promotion is responsible for the collection, monitoring and disbursements of the equine check off funds.

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